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Automation Testing – Automation testing primarily focuses on automating test cases and executing them to verify specific functionalities of a software application.

Continuous Testing – Continuous testing is a broader concept that encompasses the idea of integrating testing throughout the software development lifecycle.


Automation Testing – Automated tests are typically run on-demand or at specific intervals. They are used to verify the correctness of a particular build or version of the software.

Continuous TestingContinuous testing is performed continuously, as the name suggests. It’s integrated into the development process and automatically triggered with each code commit or build.
Use Case:

Automation Testing – Automation testing is commonly used for regression testing, where previously tested features are retested to ensure that new code changes haven’t introduced defects.

Continuous Testing – Continuous testing is not limited to a specific testing type. It encompasses various types of tests, including unit tests, integration tests, regression tests, and more.


Automation Testing – Automation testing can be integrated with continuous testing, but it’s only a part of the continuous testing process. Automated test suites can be run within the CI/CD pipeline, but they may not cover all aspects of continuous testing.

Continuous Testing – Continuous testing encompasses not only automated functional testing but also other types of testing like security testing, performance testing, and deployment testing.

Development Methodology

Automation Testing – Automation testing can be applied in various development methodologies, including both traditional waterfall and Agile approaches.

Continuous Testing – Continuous testing is more closely associated with Agile and DevOps methodologies, where rapid and frequent code changes are integrated, tested, and delivered to production continuously.

Automation testing focuses on automating specific test cases, while continuous testing is a comprehensive approach to testing that integrates automated testing into the development and deployment.

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