GitOps -Revolutionizing Continuous Delivery with Version Control

GitOps in software delivery

GitOps introduces a transformative methodology by centralizing version control as a fundamental element, revolutionizing the approach to continuous delivery.

Understanding GitOps Essentials

GitOps centers around using Git as the single source of truth for defining and managing both application code and infrastructure configurations.

Git as the Source of Truth

Git becomes the source of truth, enabling teams to roll back to previous states, audit changes, and maintain a clear history of all modifications.

Declarative Configuration and Desired State

GitOps employs a declarative approach to configuration management, where the desired state of the system is defined in code.

Continuous Delivery with GitOps

GitOps streamlines the continuous delivery pipeline by automating the deployment process based on changes to the Git repository.

It’s not just a methodology; it’s a transformative approach that unifies development and operations, fostering collaboration, reliability, and efficiency throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

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